Dominik Iseli - Banking & Classic Menswear

Dominik Iseli - Banking & Classic Menswear

We met Dominik, a banker with a passion for fine craftmanship and timeless elegance. In Zurich we had a coffee with Dominik in the Monocle Cafe and discussed his view on classic menswear.

Dominik, please tell us about yourself.

Im Dominik, 27 years old and studied economics in St.Gallen, Switzerland.
After graduating I started working for UBS in Investment Banking. Right now my world is dominated by mergers and acquisitions. Thats what Im doing the whole day while in the office and what Im passionate about.

How would you describe your personal style?

Im attracted to timeless classics and and calm overall looks. When I started building my wardrobe I focused on core essentials in simple colours like blue, brown and grey and earthy tones in general. For me tailoring must be comfortable, with soft silhouettes and classic cuts. You will often see me in tonal looks like the one Im wearing today as I like to play with depth. Tailoring, knitwear and sneakers are my favourites for the weekends.

 Suede sneakers to complete a tailored look

What is your next tailoring project and which tailor did you choose for it?

I love the fact that not only suits can be tailored to my personal fit and preference nowadays and thats why I grabbed the chance to finally comission Stoffas Flight Jacket. I will have the fitting in Stockholm and already looking forward to wear it with my spring wardrobe. Furthermore Im waiting for my first fitting of a bespoke jacket with Massura Sartoria here in Zurich. A core piece in navy blue. 
Summer is linen season and I have also stocked up on a couple more trousers this season.


Who are your style icons?

Icon might be the wrong word for it, but when it comes to inspirational people I would have to mention Andreas Weinas here. He is wearing a classic and timeless style Im drawn to. Inspiring core pieces and a versatile colour pallette.
A lot of people find inspiration in people mixing military garments with tailoring and or bold patterns and colours. Im quite the opposite and Im finding inspiration in people rocking the classic menswear uniform, as we all know it. 


Besides banking and classic menswear, what other interest do you have?

Definitley sports. Im trying to keep a good and healthy shape. Running and hitting the gym on a regular basis to clear my mind. Besides sports Im playing chess and very actively. I founded the chess club in our university and really enjoy long chess sessions with friends. Another passion of mine is horology. Watches are not only accessories for me. Im fascinated by the craftmanship behind it and clean designs of classics like my Daytona or Pateks Nautilus.

What is your favourite Limerius piece and what would you love to see in the future in our shop?

My favourite piece is definitely the hazel Merino Crew Neck Sweater. The soft knit is super fine and easy to wear. Not only with jeans but also with suits. What I love about the Limerius collections is the selection of colours and their versatility. I would love to see more knitwear pieces like knitted polos in earthy tones which are super hard to find here. 


Thanks for your insights Dominik. Do you have an advice for our readers how to spend their day in Zurich?

Zurich is by far my favourite city in Switzerland and I would definitely recommend visiting our lovely city in the summer months. Take a walk at the lake or grab a rental bike to explore the lake side. A stroll through the old town, called Niederdörfli, is always nice and you will definitely find some calmer places to enjoy your coffee.