Fausto Coppi - The legendary enthusiast

Fausto Coppi - The legendary enthusiast

No matter whether you are a Cycling fanatic or a person who could not care less. In Italy, the name Fausto Coppi has been associated with great athletic achievement, forbidden romances and last but not least extraordinary sense of style.

Having dominated the world of cycling prior as well as after the 2nd World War and winning the Giro d’Italia 5 times as well as the Tour de France 2 times, Fausto Coppi has risen to legendary status based on his performances on the bike. Off the bike, however, he has become somewhat of a style icon and in his choice of attire has once again proven that in Italy they take aesthetics very seriously.

During his career he was vividly known to wear the light blue Bianchi jersey, once the race was over he would then go on to transform into an elegant yet easy going gentleman. In the following picture we can see Fausto wearing a tailored suit in combination with a Polo shirt. The fact that the collar of the Polo is slightly sticking out is a hint of the casual carelessness that we have grown to love when it comes to the Italian way of dressing.


While his life has been cut short due to an illness, Coppi has established himself as someone with undeniable class or as the cycling enthusiasts would say: “panache”.

In order to pay tribute to a legend, and someone that we at Limerius are inspired by, we have decided to share with you some of our favourite images of the man himself.




 Yuri Ilyaguev for Limerius